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That’s why we strive to create the ideal work scenario for you! We're not sure if there is such a thing as the perfect job but as far as we can tell, this might be the closest thing to it.  Be your own boss, work with passionate and talented people, pick any work schedule, start and stop when you want, work remotely if you prefer, be challenged with consistent variety, earn into equity positions and most important of all, apply your efforts and talent towards helping businesses do good things for people and planet.

The reason we do so much to focus on the perfect conditions of work is to attract the very best talent in the world. We channel this great caliber of talent to focus on scaling the next generation of companies who will make our world a better place. Have you ever been faced with a choice to work hard and be successful for a company that is purely profit-seeking versus applying your effort and talents to a purpose-driven company? Maybe you just needed the choice to be presented to you. Are you working for a company now with which you're not entirely values-aligned? Perhaps it's a job that has you strapped to a desk in a typical Monday to Friday routine. Do you crave more flexibility for time with your family and friends, and the opportunity to travel or work remotely? Are you financially ready for retirement but recognize the need for enjoyable work to keep you challenged and inspired? Perhaps, you want to keep your day job and don't consider moonlighting a conflict of interest. We may have something that will interest you.



Many of you prefer to apply your time, talent and connections to helping the companies in which you've invested. Certainly not wasting your time going to conferences and networking events, pouring through countless pitch decks that aren't even a fit for you and then doing due diligence to ensure they are who they say they are. When you finally get excited about one, you still have to agree on terms that may not happen.

This is one of the key problems that we set out to solve for you. Our platform is intended to do the administrative heavy lifting, so that you can spend your time doing what you love. Large private equity firms have full time employees to do these things for them. You don't, so here's what we can do for you:

  • Source companies that pass our purpose-driven test
  • Complete our screening and due diligence to ensure they are who they say they are
  • Negotiate the terms of the agreement
  • Deal with the paperwork, lawyers and accountants
  • Match up other talent to fill any remaining gaps in their exec team
  • Invest in a portfolio of companies to create diversification
  • Report out on the impact and financial performance