Active Impact is proud to announce an investment from our fund in Toronto based, GoJava!

Did you know? Enough single serve coffee pods are consumed every year to wrap around the Earth more than 10 times. This combined with the fact that coffee pods are not recyclable with your blue bin service, makes for an environmental nightmare. The plastic not only sits endlessly in landfill, but the coffee grounds inside the plastic are not exposed to oxygen. This creates methane gas, which is 25 times more harmful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. We are proud to support GoJava, a Toronto-based zero-waste office supply company that diverts coffee pod waste and other hard-to-recycle materials away from landfill by providing a free recycling service (turning the pods into a plastic building material). They are one stop shop, supplying offices with premium brands of coffee, healthy snacks and more. During each delivery they also remove waste, helping workplaces achieve their sustainability goals. Clearly their strategy is working and customers love it! They recently surpassed $1M in annual revenue after doubling their client base in less than 12 months and successfully expanding their operations to Ottawa. Services based businesses like this can be a real gem because they can generate enough cash to sustain organic growth, they can replicate themselves in new cities and they generate high levels of profit at scale. If they can keep up their pace of growth then their clients, their investors and the environment will all benefit. 

To all my friends with offices in Toronto (from Mississauga to Scarborough) or Ottawa, please reach out to switch your supplier to!

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How loyal are your employees and customers? Measuring and sharing your impact is an essential part of your story!

How loyal are your employees and customers? Measuring and sharing your impact is an essential part of your story!

We love helping businesses to sell more, scale internally and increase their profits and we've been successful in doing this several times but anyone that possesses these skills must decide which company’s they want to help. Your personal motivation could simply be to make as much money as possible and not care what the company does but for me somewhere along the line it became all about having a greater purpose and I find this leads to a ton of satisfaction.