How loyal are your employees and customers? Measuring and sharing your impact is an essential part of your story!

We love helping businesses to sell more, scale internally and increase their profits and we've been successful in doing this several times but anyone that possesses these skills must decide which company’s they want to help. Your personal motivation could simply be to make as much money as possible and not care what the company does but for me somewhere along the line it became all about having a greater purpose and I find this leads to a ton of satisfaction. 

We hope you make the same decision.

To us, it doesn’t matter what problem a company claims to solve or how they measure it, it always starts with our assessment of how genuine the intentions of the founder are. After we truly believe that they have a purpose that’s important to them beyond simply making a profit then we want to make sure they are also serious about making a profit and that they are unapologetic about this desire and their ambitions to become a huge success. 

These are the entrepreneurs and businesses that we want to invest in and help.

We’ve worked with hundreds of socially conscious start ups and unfortunately almost all of them struggle to effectively measure and communicate their positive impact. Most don’t have the budget to hire external consultants because these studies can cost tens of thousands of dollars. And most don’t have the expertise or resources or time to do this internally because start ups are already stretched thin just trying to keep the business operating. 

Don't over-complicate your "why".

One of the big problems with trying to measure and communicate impact is that we are lacking common language and standards. Luckily, there has been a lot of progress in this area lately with initiatives like the United Nations creating 17 sustainable development goals and B Corp’s impact assessment that 65,000 companies have completed. But some of the companies we work with don’t know what the SDG's are and they don’t know what a BCorp is and even if they do, many of their customers and employees don’t, so we need to help them to find a way to communicate their positive accomplishments and their purpose in a way that everybody can understand and relate to. 

This is what allows you to inspire change in others by creating collaboration, loyalty and momentum.

We are on a mission to prove something to investors and talented employees. We want people to know that they can invest their money and their time into purpose driven businesses and they will be well rewarded. Some skeptics believe that we are somehow handicapped because we have limited ourselves to socially conscious businesses. We believe the opposite, our greatest strength comes from the fact that businesses that have a clear purpose and deliver a profit are better businesses with less costs and risk and ultimately we expect our investors to get above market returns. 

There is a mountain of evidence growing to support this belief.

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