There was a lifestyle and purpose that I wanted for my family and myself. In those rare moments that you get with close friends to dream about an ideal future, I kept hearing from more and more people who wanted the same. These were talented people, already accomplished in their careers, but growing tired of the 9-5 office routine or just working for a paycheck. Some of them were craving change and debating the number of years they'd safely need to continue working before they could retire with a great lifestyle. But I knew I would be bored if I retired. I suspected they would be too. I wanted to continue doing work that challenged and inspired me, and I wanted to give back. I wanted to have a purpose forever: one that could last. I decided I wanted to help entrepreneurs and companies that were focused on doing great things for people and planet. I wanted to be proud to tell my family and friends what I was doing. I wanted variety, purpose and flexibility. In fact, I was willing to make less money or take on more risk in order to receive these benefits.

So what started as applying my own talents and efforts to help a portfolio of purpose-driven companies to scale to the next level, turned into me creating a platform for others to do the same. Helping companies to scale has been a passion of mine for over a decade. It's something at which I work hard and have achieved success doing. The major shift for me six years ago was vowing to only help purpose-driven companies. The most recent shift for me was to help multiple companies at the same time and enlist others to do the same.